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  • FREZ-n-STOR, Inc. is a commercial cold storage warehouse that provides quick freezing, handling and storage for the food industry.

    We’ve been around for a while…

    FREZ-n-STOR, Inc. is a public refrigerated warehouse that has been in operation since the 1960’s. Our high standards and professional staff are committed to ensuring the safety of the public and to excellent customer service. We recently completed a new expansion of our facility and added freezer space, blast cells, engine room, office space and 14 dock doors.
    In the process we have upgraded our current facility to match the quality and the technology of the new building.



    David Evans Chief Executive Officer


    David became President and Chief Executive Officer of Frez-n-Stor, Inc. on January 1, 1992. In the ensuing years, David and the Frez-n-Stor team have overseen three major expansions and more than tripled freezer capacity. He has attended numerous industry workshops and conferences including the Refrigeration Research and Education Foundation Institute, now known as the World Food Logistics Organization Institute. An employee of George’s, Inc. for 22 years, he managed human resources, marketing and sales departments, as well as frozen food distribution. David has served on the Boards and as President of the Arkansas Poultry Federation, the Springdale Rotary Club, the Springdale United Fund and as Chairman of Farmers are Conservationists Too initiative. He has also served his church and his community on several boards and other committees. David graduated from the University of Arkansas with a B.S.B.A. majoring in accounting.


    Brandon Siems President


    Brandon began his career with Frez-n-Stor in 2002, training in all departments to become Operations Manager. He later acquired his Industrial Refrigeration Operator I certification through Garden City Community College, and he also completed the 3 year curriculum at the World Food Logistics Institute. Brandon now serves as President of Frez-n-Stor, Inc. helping oversee all aspects of the company. Prior to Frez-n-Stor he was Vice President of Consumer Banking for Bank of America managing multiple banking centers in northwest Arkansas. Brandon received his B.S.B.A. from Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas with a major in finance.

    Ikey Faubus Senior Vice President of Finance


    Ikey began working for Frez-n-Stor on January 1, 1992. He was instrumental in setting up the original accounting system and has been involved in computerized upgrades over the years. Attending Microsoft Great Plains training classes and workshops, he continues to enhance his proficiency with company and customer accounts. Ikey is presently Senior Vice President of Finance of Frez-n-Stor, Inc. Ikey was an accountant for George’s, Inc. for 22 years before joining the Frez-n-Stor management team. Following his graduation from the University of Arkansas with a B.S.B.A. major in accounting, Ikey was employed by the world wide accounting firm of Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. to work in Little Rock, Arkansas. He actively served his country in the US Navy and US Navy Reserve, retiring as a Lieutenant Commander.


    Barry Bridges Vice President of Information Technology


    Barry has been with Frez-n-Stor since 1996 when he joined the company working on the dock. After hands-on jobs in all areas, he became Safety Director in 1997 and is currently Vice President of Information Technology of Frez-n-Stor, Inc. In 2001 Barry finished his third and final year of the World Food Logistics Institute. He continues to stay current on industry wide IT subjects by attending a variety of computer workshops throughout the country. Prior to Frez-n-Stor employment, Barry was automotive division logistics manager at J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc. Barry received his B.S.B.A. from Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas with a major in management and a minor in marketing.


    Chris Cothren Vice President of Operations


    Chris Cothren is the Vice President of Operations, responsible for customer service, operations, and compliance & safety. Chris has been a member of the FNS team since 2010 starting in Customer Service and previously serving as the Director of Safety for the last six years. Chris holds PCQI, HACCP Manager, & Internal Auditor certifications as well as an Associate’s Degree in Information Systems. With his extensive training and experience, Chris was integral in FNS’ Global Food Safety Initiative focus and SQF certification. He is actively involved in Global Cold Chain Alliance events and was featured as a panelist on Food Safety at the 2019 Global Cold Chain Expo. Chris values our Customers and continues to focus on the growth of FNS.


    Raul Flores Vice President of Warehousing


    Raul started working as a general day laborer at Frez-n-Stor in 1995 soon after arriving in the US from El Salvador. Raul is now Vice President of Warehousing for Frez-n-Stor, Inc. Raul has attended Train the Trainer forklift driver courses, taught Warehouse Management System and served on safety committees. He helped lead the company in achieving the ASI Food Safety Audit excellent rating five consecutive years. In February 2013 Raul was chosen from nominees worldwide to receive a Refrigiwear scholarship to the WFLO Institute Training Course.


    Frank Sprick Vice President of Finance


    Frank joined Frez-n-Stor in late 2017 to assist the accounting department with day to day financial duties. He’s currently the Vice President of Finance and before Frez-n-Stor was a General Accountant at Dayco Products. Since joining FnS, he has introduced new ideas surrounding benefits and accounting procedures, leading to updates in both areas. Frank graduated from Northeastern State University with a B.S.B.A majoring in accounting and finance while playing for the baseball team.


    Jerry Gibson Director of Information Technology


    Jerry began his career with Frez-n-Stor in 2018 and serves as Director of Data and Analytics while overseeing all aspects of data and automation. Prior to Frez-n-Stor he spent 15 years at Dillard’s focusing on data and analytics and spent a total of 5 years at Walmart and Sam’s Club focusing on data, analytics, and automation. Jerry received his B.S.B.A. from Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas with a major in Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis.

  • Leveraging technology

    for efficiency




    • 284,990 sq ft
    • 7,179,180 cu ft


    • 13,968 sq ft
    • 342,450 cu ft


    • 69,159 sq ft
    • 1,437,327 cu ft


    • 10,117 sq ft
    • 131,521 cu ft

    51 Dock Doors

    4 Rail Doors

    41,580 Freezer Pallet Positions

    1,576 Blast Pallet Positions


    • USDA export inspections, including all associated paperwork
    • Order picking, stamping, labeling, strapping, slatting, floor loading
    • Rail service provided by Union Pacific and Burlington Northern
    • Deep chill room 0-15℉
    • Online real-time inventory access by our customers
    • Certified under SQF Food Safety Code for Storage and Distribution
    • FedEx CO2 packed frozen shipments
    • Gated
    • Available 24/7 upon request

    Our Affiliations

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    Mission Statement

    Frez-n-Stor, Inc. is a commercial cold storage warehouse that provides quick freezing, handling and storage for the food industry. With genuine concern for the product, our customers and the consumer, Frez-n-Stor employees are committed to job excellence, insuring the highest level of service and integrity in all areas of the frozen food chain.


    Chief Executive Officer President
    David Evans – devans@fnscold.com Brandon Siems – brandon@fnscold.com

    Senior Vice President of Finance Vice President of Finance
    Ikey Faubus – ikey@fnscold.com Frank Sprick – frank.sprick@fnscold.com

    Vice President of Information Technology Vice President of Operations
    Barry Bridges – barry@fnscold.com Chris Cothren – chris.cothren@fnscold.com

    Director of Information Technology Vice President of Warehousing
    Jerry Gibson – jerry.gibson@fnscold.com Raul Flores – rflores@fnscold.com

    Night Operations Manager Building & Grounds Manager
    Mardo Morales – mardo.morales@fnscold.com Leo Gordillo – leo.gordillo@fnscold.com

    Refrigeration Manager
    Brent Scarborough – brent@fnscold.com


    Frez-n-Stor was originally founded in the late 1950’s with five partners: George’s Feed and Supply Co., Harvey Jones, Gerald Tweedy, Berlyn Bilbry and Rolland Ensley. The initial building was 220′ x 140′ x 15′ for 30,800 square feet of freezer space. Throughout the 1960’s three additional freezers of the initial size were added along with 17,600 square feet of dry storage for a total of over 123,000 square feet of freezer space.

    In 1971, George’s purchased all outstanding shares of Frez-n-Stor. During that time they stored their frozen product as well as leased space to Tyson Foods and Campbell Soup which became Pinnacle Foods. The David and Cathy Evans family took ownership of Frez-n-Stor from George’s in January 1992.

    The freezer had remained the same size for almost 22 years, but was now ready to expand. In 1995, Frez-n-Stor, Inc. added roughly 3,500 racked pallet positions and 10 blast cells.

    In 2004, Frez-n-Stor, Inc. engaged Team Group of Euless, Texas to design, engineer and construct a major expansion. The completion in 2005 added 10,000 pallet positions and doubled from 10 to 20 the blast cell capacity. During this expansion Frez-n-Stor also added a new office building to accommodate the growing business.

    Late 2008 thru 2009, in the midst of a recession, Frez-n-Stor again worked with Team Group to expand, adding approximately 7,000 pallet positions and an additional 4 blast cells. At the same time 9,225 square feet was added to the deslat area of the building to accommodate the increased blast cell capacity.

    In 2017, Frez-n-Stor worked with Team Group again to add two more freezer expansions adding 8,190 pallet positions and an additional 4 blast cells as well as a new dock with 5 dock doors and an office. This was a total increase of 1,984,416 cubic feet of storage and dock space.